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Redefined traditional garment in a new statement Aneri Amina, for a contemporary modest woman. Combining elements of East and West, in a common perspective of unity and freedom. Maxi dresses in colors of coral orange, olive green, beige and light blue with details, are addressing chiffon, laces and satin silk.


A/W 2019/20 Collection of multi nationalities, variety of identities and cultural contexts, based in modest aesthetic principal but redefined in contemporary and  wearable statement. The collection is inspired by the life-after or afterlife, capturing the common idea of harmony, peace, unity, freedom and love. Jackets are reversible, shirt dresses are adjustable in length and collars, trousers can take elegant or urban sporty look, and cover dresses can be worn on many adjustable ways. Inside the collection we can receive a lot of variations with a common statement: Stars are already in us.

Collection contains wide, taffeta trousers and balloon skirts with mosaic rectangles and structures. Asymmetric silhouettes of Kashmir coats and over-knee tunics are combined with under-layers of black kimonos and are overlaid with scarves. “Protected beauty of a woman” is the leading story of The Wind collection.

the wind
Princess of my temple

Asymmetrical collection of 3/4 dresses, skirts and tops; which should be worn in conjunction with off-white linen trousers and cover dresses. Gold, silver, bronze and off-white structural details in combination with numerous rectangles of plissés and lace, are telling the story of a modern princess: ready to take action today, tomorrow and forever.

The Urban Samurai collection is telling a story of modern warriors. Seekers of truth, beauty, discipline and real love, which lasts forever. The collection was presented in Fashion Week Ljubljana, Slovenia and it was sold out. Designs and some details can still be custom made, in keeping with the flowing samurai style and approach of covering the body.

Urban Samurais

Phd collection, based on the research of social performance of a woman today. The collection is therefore discovering her real identity, dignity and hidden aspects of a woman's inside beauty. The circle is the basic cut of the collection, with the circle being a symbol of women’s consciousness, identity and self. The variety of silhouettes given by the circle pattern influence their final character. Creasing is continuing to spread throughout the collection, announcing absorption and integrity in a new identity. Visually it forms silhouettes of wings and changing colors. Silver and golden strings announce the identification of self-potential. Red, the color of life, creation, blood and restoration, is dancing through the light and shadows of a chaotic world. Dresses should be worn with a cover dress.

The deepness of the ocean and deepness of emotions guide us through this daily collection of skirts and kimonos, which should be worn with a cover tunic. The collection incorporates mosaic details of life stories, rich in expression, feelings and emotion. The blue color is inviting us to discover the hidden aspects of the self, which are too often trapped in hectic images of the outside world.

Feeling blue

Luxury Women's evening dresses, made of 100% silk and lace. Yellow gold, dark magenta, violet blue and emerald are the colors of The Moon collection; in combination with the darkness of the night - black satin silk. Covered dresses are made in 100% silk, whispering and leading their way to achievement and victory.

Dresses for parties. Colorful details, laces and structures, showing the woman’s silhouette and her unique beauty. Dresses can be custom made with a matching cover dress, scarf and a hat.

Dedicated to Women

Wedding dresses, stories of the colorful, creative identity of a woman - who is brave in her expression, character and imagination - walking forward, to her new life, a new creation.

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