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Irena Funduk Fashion is unique, luxury fashion brand, established in 2002, by Slovenian fashion designer Irena Funduk. Combinations of strong colors, rasters, opposite textures and asymmetrical silhouettes, are basic principles of Iff collection. Elegant femininity is always the leading story, inside different concepts and approaches of building the expression. In many aspects collections are an authentic dance, between light and shadows of chaotic world. Woman's identity therefore needs to be protected and treasured with a highest standard, for a better future and healthy society. Many collections are made in natural materials, using environmentally friendly techniques, with a common wish, to create a sustainable garments, which can be worn for decades. Collections and brand are unique, made of luxurious materials and always customized to measurements, figures and wishes of a client. Protected feminine beauty is the leading story of Iff all collection. Cover dresses are therefore always recommended and available in many variations, materials and modern asymmetrical approaches.

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